Do-it-Yourself Patio Cover Kit 032 Gauge Aluminum W-Panel

If you want added shade with maximum protection for you and your outdoor furniture against the elements all at a very low price, then our W-Panel Patio Cover is your best choice. With an W-Panel Solid Roof Cover you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather is less than ideal.


Your Aluminum W-Panel Patio Cover Kit Will Include:

Color: White, 032 Gauge Aluminum

W-Panel Roof System: 16” Wide interlocking panels,
    032 Gauge Aluminum

Choice of Post Style (8’ Height): Scroll Column Posts
    (pictured) or 3” x 3” Square posts (post spacing will
    vary depending on cover size and load)

Gutter System: Fascia Rain-Gutters, Downspout,
    and Weather Flashing included

Hardware: Brackets, screws, post anchors, caulking, fasteners, and touch-up paint

Sturdy engineering: 20-Lb live load (can be increased as necessary)

ICBO Approval: Product engineering meets stringent Residential ICBO engineering

Quick Delivery: Your kit ships from the factory in as little as 7 to 14 business days

Professionally: Packaged, Insured, and carefully delivered by freight courier service to your

Also Includes: Installation Instructions and complimentary telephone assistance from our
    in-house experts if you have any questions or concerns during the installation process

Free Home Delivery Nationwide!



Click on your preferred projection size for prices.

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10' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

11' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

12' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

13' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

14' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

15' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)

16' Projection: W-Panel Patio Cover Kits (032 Gauge)


Additional Information:

Delivery Timetable
Generally your kit will be delivered to your residence within 5 to 7 weeks. Our company will keep you updated via email/telephone as to the status of your order throughout the process. Additionally the shipping company will call to set up an exact delivery date and time.

Building Permits and Building Codes
Always check with your local permitting office or agency before beginning any work on your house, as it is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to obtain all necessary permits and to understand the local building code requirements. As this is a do-it-yourself kit you are fully responsible for its installation. You agree not to hold this company responsible. We are committed to assisting our customers in getting what they need to meet building code, so please do not hesitate to contact us prior to purchasing your kit. If you have specific concerns please email us. 




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